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/ 7 octubre 2021

Everything about Abracadabra - Primary

In this webinar you’ll identify that  Abracadabra plays with our senses, using mind-bending optical illusions to encourage children to question what they see and experience – and to share and discuss with their families! This course is based on the Lexical Approach, involving constant use and recycling of language in fun, friendly, colorful contexts, so students can use it naturally, meaningfully and successfully. In this Serie there is no explicit grammar, because as learners are exposed to language and use it, they start to discover for themselves how language works.

Abracadabra also develops the four language skills, practicing listening, speaking, reading and writing. Come join us in this interesting webinar and discover how useful and meaningful this course is.

Tuesday, October 12th at 2:00 p.m.


Everything about Cool Kids -Primary

In this webinar you’ll discover that Cool Kids Second Edition caters to children’s different learning styles with a range of hands-on activity types like stickers, cutouts and creative handicrafts. It encourages students’ participation, making skills practice meaningful and realistic to the child; and supports learner autonomy with a Self-evaluation feature and material they can work on independently, like the Workbook, their Cool Reading books and the online RLP. Join us in this webinar and discover how interesting this course is.

Tuesday, October 12th at 3:00 p.m.


Everything about  Open Day ---Teaching Methodology – Primary

Our world is changing and with it our way of teaching. In this webinar you’ll learn that Open Day’s topic-based approach connects issues about social responsibility, citizenship, and environmental awareness, challenging children to develop their critical thinking skills. The series’ Good Buddies characters accompany the students in their language-learning adventures and introduce us to different critically-endangered animals from around the world! Through their growing awareness of these threatened species, and inspiring nature videos, the children learn empathy, motivating them to grow into thoughtful, compassionate teenagers and adults who care about the world we live in and our responsibility for it and for each other.

Thurdays, October 14th at 2:00 p.m.